Superior Care White Dogs

Superior Care White Dogs
  WHITE DOGS has been formulated to provide the best nutritional answer to the white coated dogs.
  This unique product helps remove dog tear stains that discolor the surrounding hair and irritate your pet’s eyes.
  This is technologically new product, unique with its high quality composition. The product helps maintain and develop dog’s white coat and strengthens hair core internally.
  Exclusive formula to promote bright white lustrous coat and healthy skin.
This dog food is balanced for dogs with eye tearing problems, spots on the fur, skin problems, or allergies to feed components.
  WHITE DOGS is a complete food for dogs over one year with special needs of skin care and white coat.
  “I have worked with dogs over 20 years and for 10 years I’ve been working with those with a white coat e.g. Bichons Maltese and Frise. Some puppies at our dog kennel find new homes and live an ordinary life in families, while others participate in shows and championships with their owners.
  I don’t only breed dogs, I also participate in shows, and my dogs regularly win top awards in international exhibitions in Europe, Asia and other World championships.
  Like all breeders we are well acquainted with the variety of special features particular to white dogs. The owners of dogs with white coats face the same problems: the white coat can become brown on the dog’s pads and around the eye area because of watering eyes, which means breeders are constantly looking for solutions to ensure their dogs have a snow-white coat.
  Therefore, all dogs which have a white coat need more attention and exhibiting dogs definitely require special care: not only should the health of the dog be maintained, but owners have to take particular care of the dog’s skin and coat as well.
  Although we cooperate with nutritionists, scientists, vets and experienced dog breeders before a dog show, we have realized that the browning of the white coat is a process that is a hard to control. No one so far has found a solution to keep the coat white without any brown spots for any significant length of time.
  Up to 80% of dogs have watering eyes. It does not depend on the breed, the size, hair length or colour. It can be clearly visible on light-coloured dogs, because the tears leave brown stains on the hair. A certain pigment of tears penetrates into the white colour hair core and inwardly dyes it.
  In seeking to avoid this problem owners of dogs with coats that are light-coloured or white often feed them with various food supplements, use coat bleaching agents, antibiotics or other special chemicals. It is essential to understand that these are only short-term measures and they do not eliminate the reason for coat browning.
  When a dog with a white or light-coloured coat is healthy, supervised and fed according to its specific needs, the coat browning problems may vanish.
  We face these problems every day. We receive hundreds of questions regarding the maintenance of white dogs from dog breeders and owners from all around the world. So eventually we decided to look deeper into this problem and find the right answer.
  Using our knowledge and the experience, teamwork and dedication that we have gained over many years, we have come up with a unique dog food that helps solve the white and light-coloured coat browning problems!
  To achieve the best results, we have paid particular attention to the natural needs of white dogs.
Janita Januškauskaitė – Plungė, cynologist with 28 years experience, owner of Tauro Kennel, Lithuania