We are proud to present our renewed “NATURE’S PROTECTION” line!

We are proud to present our renewed “NATURE’S PROTECTION” line!
  „Nature's Protection” dry super premium class dog and cat food goes hand in hand with the latest packaging trends. The first renewed “Nature’s Protection” packages are already on the shelves in the shops. We have not only updated the packaging design but also improved the food formulations.
  Trends of pet food are changing and evolving worldwide and we are always ready to respond to the changes, because “Nature’s Protection” is the highest quality food. Our knowledge of natural dogs and cats needs leads us to choose carefully selected high quality ingredients to offer for your furry friends nourishing food. Therefore, we have included more natural food additives in the recipes to strengthen and maintain adequate health of your dog and cat.
  “Nature’s Protection” super premium food line is specially formulated to suit the different life stage, size or lifestyle of your pet.  Therefore, there will generally be a choice for young pets, puppy, kitten, junior, large breeds and for adults or senior pets. Whether you need to address weight, coat or digestion, we have thought about everything.
  Your dog’s health and condition greatly depends on the food you provide. Therefore, the best way for you is to choose a top quality food adapted to your pet’s specific needs.
  Because we truly believe that carefully selected food will do wonders for our pet’s health!