Finko Domino Gold Rabbit

This complete food mix is composed of highly digestible processed granules. It is created taking into account the nutritional requirements of rabbits. This blend of natural ingredients contains all the vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are essential for your pet to be healthy, vibrant, and happy.

The diet contains sunflower seeds, corn flakes, locust beans, wheat popcorn, banana crisps, dried carrots, rosemary and chicory extracts. The variety of ingredients ensures excellent taste and maximum intake.

This diet is unique in that is contains an exclusive ingredient - yucca extract which helps to control bad odours by binding ammonium and other components determining bad odours of urine and stool.

The vitamins A and E contained in this diet help to retain healthy and glossy fur. Vitamin A is very important for skin cell renewal, vision, reproduction system and metabolism.

Vitamin D3 stimulates absorption of calcium and phosphorus thus maintaining a healthy bone structure.

Vitamin E is a very important antioxidant protecting rodents from free radicals.

Calcium contained in the diet is very healthy for rabbit teeth. Rabbits often have dental problems which are usefully caused by bad nutrition. Their teeth are constantly growing therefore they must be constantly abraded. Hard and crunchy structure allows for natural abrasion of rabbit teeth.
By providing this food for your rabbit you will ensure it will have strong and healthy teeth and glossy fur, and thanks to yucca extract, you will prevent any bad odours of urine and stools.