Dog food

In manufacturing our products we only use raw materials of stable and proven quality, processed using up-to-date technology (digitally controlled, computer-driven machinery, as well as high-tech extrusion technology. Additionally, we have special equipment to finalise the product in the forms required by pets including crunchiness, texture, starch gelatinisation level, expanding, etc.
It is no surprise that the quality of the products are on a level comparable to that of food destined for human consumption, and in accordance with international standards. Therefore, quality control is present throughout the entire production cycle: from receiving raw materials all the way up to the packaging phase.
There is an opportunity to create a formula based on specific and unique customers requirements. If there is a specific  ingredient, which has to be ordered individually based on the customer's request, then the customer should submit an ordering volume plan per month which will guarantee that the specific ingredient will be fully used prior to it’s expiration date.
The customer will be informed regularly about the used quantities and the prices of these raw materials.